International Trade

and Customs Law

Foreign Trade and Customs Lawyers

Import and Export Trade Operations


With over 15 years of experience in the international market, LexMercatoria operates with a vast

technical knowledge in import and export operations and a long international experience in

negotiations between companies of different nationalities.

Accustomed to operating in several markets around the world, we have the expertise to

assist in choosing the best international opportunities,

in the safest operations and in the most appropriate ways of operating in the world market.


Planning, advising and monitoring international operations is our core business.

Legal certainty, cost reduction and international intercultural adequacy are pillars of our work.

TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE and international experience




Foreign Trade Operational

- Qualification to operate in Foreign Trade in Brazil

- Obtaining Individual, Express, Limited and Unlimited Radar

- Import and Export Customs Clearance

- International transport and integrated goods logistics

- Preparation and review of Foreign Trade documents

- International Payments (Letter of Credit and other modalities)

- Financing and guarantees for Exports and Imports

- Sanitary and phytosanitary measures

International Tax Planning and in Brazil

- Taxation and Tax Benefits in Foreign Trade

- Customs valuation, tax classification and ex-tariffs

- Tariff customs barriers and tax calculations

- Tax havens, creation of Offshore companies and accounts abroad

International Contracts

- International negotiations and foreign trade terms

- Preparation of International Contracts

- Review of International Commitments and adaptation to new realities

- Arbitration, hardship and force majeure clauses

Administrative and Commercial Litigation (national and international)

- Administrative and Judicial Litigation

- International Commercial Arbitration

- Anti-dumping, safeguards and countervailing measures

- Demurrage, goods release and storage costs

Trading Company and Product Prospecting Abroad

- Research and indication of suppliers abroad

- Import and export of goods

- Survey of international prices and nationalization

- International Business Missions and monitoring of foreigners

- International inspection of goods and certifications

- Cargo sharing and fractional import



Foreign Trade and Customs Law

We provide specialized consultancy in import, export and international business operations.

With extensive experience in the international market, we seek to offer consultancy not only technical and theoretical, but mainly with practical experiences that can help, solve or clarify the main doubts involved in international operations.


China and Hong Kong

Fairs, Business and Imports

For more than 15 years we have been accompanying entrepreneurs and professionals in the main International Business Fairs in China and Hong Kong. We have solid partnerships in these countries, which guarantee greater security in negotiations, efficiency in the purchase of products, sharing of containers, quality inspection and immediate shipments to Brazil.

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